Suladda’s Gourmet Cookie Story

Suladda’s Gourmet Cookies were created in the midst of the “pandemic” of 2020. Where most of us took this precious time of work, our entrepreneur and owner Miss Suladda poured herself into baking and spent relentless hours trying to create the “absolute cookie” by using only the highest quality ingredients.

It took long weeks of perfecting the recipe, trying new measurements, finding the perfect flour, the best mixture of chocolate chips, discovering the best temperature that cookies should be baked on. And of course, all that required relentless and constant tasting of cookies by Miss Suladda and her hungry grandsons Christian and Nicholas whose photos are also decorating the cookie box!

Today we are proud to present you with the final and exquisite product in the form of three savory flavors:Classic chocolate chip, Oatmeal & Raisin and epicurean Cranberry & Macadamia (grandsons favorite).

Cookie 3.jpg